My name is Francesco Colangelo, I am 39 years old, I am married and I come from Matera. I am known by everyone as Francescone (for my good giant aspect…).

7 and a half years ago, in the midst of my wife’s 8th month of pregnancy, less than a year after our marriage, I was hit by a bike on a bike, a few meters from home …

From that moment on, our life inevitably changed. I go into a coma almost immediately, lose the use of my right upper limb and remain in the hospital for 4 months.

The doctors confirm that I am saved by a miracle …

As a sportsman I was (6 hours of training a day) I found myself constantly needing someone, in the face of the desperation of my family, who every day saw me less and less autonomous and not very lucid mentally, and the concern of a young wife alone, who had recently lost her mother prematurely and was, more than ever, in need of strong moral and physical support.

Despite all the suffering endured (wheelchair, walker, physiotherapy, psychotherapy …) and years of life removed (due to head trauma), I can scream out loud to NEVER GIVE up, not even for a moment. I have never let any signs of resignation or pessimism shine through. I do not know, by nature, the meaning of the word Surrender.

From the very first moment, without any presumption, I gave strength to those who suffered, in silence, next to me … I, in the hospital wards, gave courage to those who were physically better than me.

I thank God every day for being here and despite the excruciating pains in my arm (currently I am plexi) I hide all my difficulties, wearing a huge smile, narrating daily to those who cross my path, that there is no need to complain about the futility, when the most important is to be able to see the light of the rising sun every day.

I am happy to be able to do it, next to my two beautiful daughters and my dear wife …

I thank EVERYTHING I have experienced, because WISDOM has taken the place of the SUPERFICIAL ONCE and at the same time, I enjoy immeasurably when I realize that the story of my experience reaches straight to the heart of those who listen to me and shuddering they read and use it as a warning, comfort, a foothold to cling to in moments of extreme discouragement …

Back, therefore, of this terrible accident which, in spite of myself, made me disabled, unable to find a job suited to my state of health, with the money from the compensation I wanted to try to reinvent myself and, as an electrician I was, I I have turned into a small business owner.

I created a totally made in Italy sportswear brand: “RYELL”, named after my two girls, Ilary and Ellen.

I did it mainly because I wanted to stay anchored to the world of sport, despite the fact that I could no longer train as before or compete as before … My perspective on life means that I can see a boulder turn into a feather. I never ask anyone for help, simply because despite everything I can always find a way out.

I don’t feel disabled in the least, because disability is a mental barrier for others. I could have a thousand reasons to give up, but I can always find two thousand not to. The solution is just beyond our eyes, not far from our heart. It is there that we find the STRENGTH and the COURAGE to NEVER GIVE UP.

What makes me feel good TODAY is hearing customer testimonials complimenting me. As shocked as they are fully satisfied, they say that they have finally discovered a different clothing than usual … This is the reason why I feel encouraged to do more and better, because after all … MY SACRIFICES ARE YOUR BENEFITS !!!